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Writing reminders despite incorrect addresses

A significant factor in recovering outstanding debts is the actual accessibility of customers. Through our decades of experience in dunning procedures, we have learned that the repeated change of address of many debtors is a common phenomenon.

Is the address still correct? Has the customer moved?

Of course, the correct address of the debtor is necessary for sending a reminder. An incorrect address can unnecessarily prolong the company's internal dunning procedure.


What happens without a reporting data collection in a dunning procedure?
  • Expensive time delays
  • Additional effort
  • Unreachable debtor

This is how we facilitate your dunning procedures with our reporting data collection:

With modern technologies and a great deal of experience, we usually succeed in identifying current addresses and contact data quickly and professionally. We will be happy to provide you with our offer of collecting reporting data for your dunning procedure as a stand-alone service or in connection with our offer in the area of debt collection.


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