collection agency

Collection Agency

What does a collection agency do?

Are you struggling with an outstanding debt? Our collection agency in Salzburg is here to provide the best possible solution. We know that late payment can result in financial damage and uncertainty.

That's why it's important to act quickly before your debt becomes too expensive.

Our digital platform allows you to access the status of your receivables at any time and manage them conveniently and securely.

Your collection agency in Salzburg

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our collection agency in Salzburg in time: our name alone helps to ensure that defaulting payers usually settle the bill immediately.

Let's do it together


Whenever you have questions - we are there for you. In the customer zone, you have an overview of your cases at all times and can request success evaluations. In our collection agency, we are proud of our personal service and attention to detail. Our employees are happy to respond to your individual wishes and are always available to provide you with advice and assistance.
We'll make sure your outstanding receivables don't become an ongoing issue. Let us tackle your outstanding receivables together - so that instead of additional costs, damage, or uncertainty due to non-payment, you have peace of mind again. With us at your side, defaulting payers will soon no longer be an issue .  Thanks to our success evaluations in the customer zone, you'll always be up-to-date on what's going on.

No membership fee - no contract period.

You can work with us for as long as it suits your needs - no sign-up fees or contract.

International debt collection

As a registered debt-collection service provider, our focus is on the German-speaking region as well as the EU.
If a claim is cross-border, we put our strong global network at your disposal to take care of all international debt collection cases.

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