Our dept collection services for Austria and Germany.

Followed are our activities for your international debt collections.

Your plus in communication.

Our Merkur Inkasso Call Center.

Closer customer relations, in sales activities or with your own service hotline.
We will be pleased to handle your phone calls for you.
As part or our international network we can also offer you call center services. We support you with customer service and sales activities and can also operate your own service hotline. You can also forward your calls directly to us. We recommend organising a training workshop to ensure that our staff members can handle all calls and inquires as competently as you do.

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Your plus in networking.

Debt collection.

Wherever you need us –
we will help you!

Our core business is the collection of our customers' outstanding debts. We ensure that your invoices are paid.

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More transparency.

Acquisition of registration data.

Has a debtor moved to an unknown address?
Debt collectors frequently face the problem that debtors repeatedly change their address. Owing to decades of experience we are usually able to establish the current address and contact information of a debtor quickly, efficiently and professionally. We also offer this as a separate service to our customers.

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Support with lawsuits

Sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable.
In cooperation with our partner attorneys, we handle court proceedings for you.

Despite intensive efforts, sometimes a lawsuit is necessary to collect debts. Upon request, we can handle legal proceedings for you in cooperation with our partner law firms which offer special rates to our customers.

Below are the links to the websites of our partner law firms:

Dr. Taudes             Reubel Grubwinkler

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