Frequently asked debt collection questions.

How does the debt collection process work?
We are ready to start as soon as you have contacted us and we have discussed and agreed our Terms and Conditions. All you need to do is send us a copy of your open invoices and we start the process of debt collection. First of all we will send a dunning letter and try to contact the debtor by phone or email. As soon as the debtor has transferred the money to us, we will contact you and transfer the invoice amount to your account. In our "customer area" you have 24/7 access to the records of all debt collections we are handling for you.  You can see in which stage of the process each individual transaction currently is. We can assure you that we handle every single case efficiently and thoroughly to ensure that our clients receive their money without unnecessary delay.

Do I have to send a dunning letter to my customer, before handing the case over to Inkasso Merkur?
No this is not mandatory. However, in order not to upset or annoy your customer we advise to send 1 or 2 dunning letters before you commission us to collect the debt.

Do I have to conclude a contract with Inkasso Merkur?
All you have to do is place your orders with us as long as you are satisfied with our services. It goes without saying that we will do our best to satisfy you with our services to win you as a loyal customer.

Can only companies use the services of Inkasso Merkur?
No. We work for large companies, SMEs and private individuals. Our customers include (internet) mail-order businesses, associations, doctors, travel agencies and companies from various industries.

We have not been able to answer all your questions?
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We look forward to cooperating with you!