Amelie Gross

2023 Inkasso Merkur today

Today, our customers include well-known companies from e-commerce, IT, publishing, management consulting, training institutes, insurance and banking sectors. Our customers include doctors, laboratories, therapists, fitness centers, sports centers and clubs, as well as valued regular customers from the retail, tourism and trade sectors.

Amelie and Isabel Gross

2012 - our family business

Amelie Groß took over responsibility in the family business in 2012 as the third generation and supplements competencies acquired over many years with new technologies and networks. As a trained lawyer, she knows the ins and outs of insolvency law and debt collection.

More than 40 years experience

More than 40 years - offer expanded

Isabel Groß worked successfully for the company for over 40 years and continuously expanded Merkur Inkasso management's service portfolio: In addition to digitally supported receivables management and debt collection, our customer service today also includes registration data collection, credit rating information and our own call center.

Isabel Gross - Inkasso Merkur


In 1975, the company was handed over to the founder's daughter Isabel Groß, who had just completed her studies in International Economics.

Our head office in 1958


Our head office in 1958.

Gottfried Gross Inkasso Merkur

1954 - the foundation

Founded in 1954 by Gottfried Groß in Salzburg, the company is now based in the heart of the city of Mozart. It owes its name to Mercurius, the Roman god of trade and protector of all merchants.